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Have you ever wished you could get notified by email when something new hits this page? Do you often find that you have forgotten to check in and are just overwhelmed by the quantity of posts you have missed? Do you ever have a burning itchy feeling? Do you have the heartbreak of psoriasis?

If you sign up today for my super-dooper email notifier (60SPAM) I will send you absolutely free…

Schick Quattro Titanuim with Edging Blade (not shown above.) FOUR, yes count them, FOUR! Homeland Security Approved Titanium blades. With the all new New Edging blade for those hard to trim areas like your your monobrow, or the tops of your ears.

This is it… for real, I have a dozen of these

and will mail you one if you sign up to get (60SPAM) – my fancy schmancy new-post notification alert!

No strings attached, but I only have a dozen, so the first 12 to send me an email – with your mailing address, can get a FREEBIE. OMG, he’s lost his marbles! How can he afford such extravagance? Why do you care? It’s a FREEBIE!

Thanks, and God Bless The Osmund Family.

Note: Please don’t put your home address in the comments (duh) send me a private email at GoingLikeSixty ( ARF) Gmail.com with your mailing address.

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