The Aftermath of Agent Orange (Chainsaw)

Exuse me! I totally forgot to bring you up to speed on clearing the back forty. It’s coming along pretty well. Got rid of that lovely flowering bush

and now have a bare strip of dirt and lots of stubs.

Yeah, that’s much better, now we can see the White Trash Status Symbols in our neighbor’s yard.

If you own what I’ve dubbed a ‘white trash status symbol,’ such as an above ground swimming pool or a backyard trampoline, I look down you.

But since he’s putting up the brand new fence, I can hardly complain, until after the fence is up and he can’t hear me.

Would I rather have the green bush? Yes. Did I want to trim it? No.

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The Aftermath of Agent Orange (Chainsaw) — 6 Comments

  1. Well, from what I can see…it looks pretty nice Mark…I must say. I guess putting a chainsaw in your hands actually DID pay off….God save us all. What’s your next project crazy man?

    Joys last blog post..A Fire Rainbow

  2. Um, let me see…you live in KY, right? Ok, phew! I guess it’ll be safe for me to have an above ground pool in MO when I move, right? Just messin’ with ya! 😉

    From our perspective we’re movin’ on up by goin’ from the guts of sw AR to the ‘burbs of KCMO. I’m even gonna be electronically tethered now by more than just my puter.

    This move could possibly produce some interesting blog posts…’specially with my new ‘lectronic toy I’m expecting this week. (Um, no, don’t go there in your mind…LOL!)

  3. @Anonymous: If we still had kids at home, we would have an above ground pool. Always did when they were growing up. Best money we ever spent. Easy to get babysitters when you have ANY pool! It’s the only thing I actually enjoyed cleaning!

  4. Oops! Just realized I forgot to add my name so you’d know it was me.

    Babysitters…pools…yes, I must agree. That worked for us when we did have one once, too. However, they were TRYING to come over and babysit our teenagers…LOL!