You are Hereby Disqualified from Bitching About Gas Prices

Don’t come up to me and start bitching because gas prices are 10 cents higher in this town than any other towns around us if:

  • we are at a private country club
  • you arrived in an SUV
  • your income is probably triple the national average, maybe higher
  • your wife works
  • you drive a gas golf cart
  • you whine because everywhere you went on vacation, gas was cheaper than here
  • you say “market conditions” isn’t a valid reason
  • you are wearing Izod everything
  • your using $3 golf balls.

Yeah, that just happened, and he didn’t like it when I said the reason gas prices are higher here is because guys like you are willing to pay the price.

I hope he hits his $3 golf ball in the stupid pond.

Damn fool.

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You are Hereby Disqualified from Bitching About Gas Prices — 3 Comments

  1. Who needs Rush Limbaugh????? LOL

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your posts! I would have subscribed to your feed, except that I go to my reader everyday in anticipation of what you are going to say. You and Nancy make my day!!

    Stand tall in the face of adversity, and Izod irritants….;)