Boomspeak Rides the Backs of Hard Working Bloggers Like Polly and Me

My American-Franco blog buddy and I are on the front page of! Polly Vou Francais explains when and why she positively melts.

Oh my. It’s a proverbial little old lady who wants help crossing the street, but Paris-style. I positively melt. MELT! I’m not quite sure why. First off, I’m honored that from a quick glance she has deemed me trustworthy enough to ferry her across a treacherous passage.

If you love Paris, you will love these little anecdotes and the unusual pictures she posts about living life in the city of lights. I love her writing. It’s unaffected and genuine. She is on a mission to discover and learn as much as she can about her adopted city.

And the boomers at Boomspeak like my Herman’s Hermits post for our anniversary!

These guys at Boomspeak are just enough off their rockers to post just about anything anybody submits. If you’re a boomer, drop them a link to your post and you too may be repurposed so they can find fame and fortune riding the backs of hard working bloggers.

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Boomspeak Rides the Backs of Hard Working Bloggers Like Polly and Me — 4 Comments

  1. There are a gazillion boomer sites..and most of them very entertaining, newsy and fun to read..Not that I have seen all of them…I love finding new ones and see what is going on…This is a great site..and always happy to follow what you write…carol stanley author of For Kids 59.99 and Over..

  2. Sixty,

    Thanks for the plug!

    I love Boomspeak, too. But damn, I hear that AARP pays a buck a word. Hire a boomer, indeed! Cheers,


    p.s. I know you’ve had some feedback about the ads that appear on your site, but I just have to tell you that right now (since I’m in France)I’m seeing flashy sidebar ads for Durex Tutti-Frutti condoms. Woo-hoo. I’m wondering if the Tutti-Frutti part has anything to do with the French word, which is “preservatifs”…

    Polly-Vous Francaiss last blog post..The Color Purple