Dreaming Within My Means

Finally! Somebody is designing a golf cart for Boomers. Us guys who grew up wishing we had the hottest car in town, but didn’t have a job. Us guys who, when we had a job, had a family. Us guys who are saving for retirement and don’t want to blow tens of thousands of dollars on a car just to park in the garage save for a few cruise-ins a year.

This golf cart is designed for us guys who still love to draw attention to our wheels.

I had this idea first.

Bad-Ass Golf Carts.

My idea was to adapt a snowmobile engine to our golf cart. Since snowmobile engines are/were driven by belts, it seemed to me that this would be an easy adaptation to a conventional golf cart. I don’t even think the suspension would have to be strengthened.

These bad boys took the cart to a new level – literally. They say if you can’t jump it, dump it. These aren’t the lame-o golf carts with bodies to resemble a Rolls Royce or a Hummer, but with a puny gas engine – or God forbid – run on a battery. These are bonafide HOT WHEELS.

The company specializes in 24HP Honda V-Twin engines to give your cart an extra boost, and offers extras like 14″ off-road suspension systems, headliner TVs, video game installations, satellite radio, A/C, 20″ rims, air bags…

I’m not sure about the knobby tires, Bob The Greensman would probably disapprove, but I would love to fire up 24 horsepower and blow the doors balls off the guys in the other cart.

I think I would go for the California Roadster, but make it the Redneck Roadster…

But if push came to shove and I needed Nancy’s buy in, this would clinch it… the Hot Pink with Leopard seats.

Yeah, I’d drive it! Real slow to the first tee, suffer the insults, then careen down the first fairway at top speed… laffing all the way… and let Bob The Greensman try to catch me.

One modification I would make though. The roll cage would definitely have to be stronger. Da, if we weren’t committed to that Smart Car. OTOH, what we’re paying for the Smart, we could each have a hot cart!

PS: didja notice that the model is cock-eyed?

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Dreaming Within My Means — 8 Comments

  1. Now THAT’s a golf cart even I would go for, too! Could care less about knocking some little ball from here to kingdom come, but, MAN oh MAN, would I LOVE to have that golf cart!

    Oh how I wish I had saved the story I wrote several years ago of my first challenging 4-wheeler ride with my neighbors…along the power line…with lots of hills…BIG STEEP ones…and mud puddles…LOTSA water in ’em…it was a RIOT, lemme tell ya! LOVED it!!!

    For now? I’ll just have to settle for my ’07 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 4×4 with the Cummins 6.7L Turbo diesel engine and jake brake. This baby does NOT know what a hill is! Who needs a Hemi?

  2. Did you know somebody is mooning your blog in that Buzzfeed doohicky? ROFLMBO!!! Fleshmap?! ReeeeaLY ROFLMBO now!

    Oh dear….sigh…up all night, butts in my face on Sixty’s blog at 5 a.m….day long road trip ahead of me tomorrow…I need to GO to sleep but I Reeeallly need a new visual first. 🙂

  3. 🙂 Yea, I DO. Purty easy when ya live where I do.

    Promise I’ll turn jake off if I ever make it to your neighborhood. 😉 He behaves at the push of a button.