Feedburner Sneezes, Bloggers Have Coronary Thrombosis

Feedburner – the Google feature that sends out RSS feeds for a kazillion blogs has set some blog feed subscriptions to Zero. Oops.
If you use Feedburner, you might want to check your feed and then forget about it because we are all at the mercy of Google.
RSS readers, don’t read this.
It’s invisible to you.
A special treat for loyal visitors who actually come here.

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Feedburner Sneezes, Bloggers Have Coronary Thrombosis — 18 Comments

  1. @Brad: I guess it’s the first time I happened to notice. Seems that the feeds were being fed, just the admin panel was borked.
    Be careful what you say about Sergey and Brin here, I’m on their “watch list.”

  2. @Janna…. hey lady, where you been? I miss Mr. Fab. Is he OK? I’m not sure about the progression, but I think shitload is binary, and kazillion is stationary.

  3. @Janna

    Both very attractive offers, certainly cash provides a problem because I would have to declare it as part of my vast estate.
    Food is always a plus.
    M & M’s are a HUGE advantage.

  4. Damn!
    Ok…. forget the cash.
    How about a pound of M & M’s that may (or may not) have been in my bra for 12 hours?