NASCAR Jumps the Shark: July 27, 2008

If you’re not familiar with the term “jump the shark” it refers to the Happy Days show where the Fonz trades his motorcycle in a for a pair of water skies and literally jumps a shark.

It usually signifies that something has radically changed to take a previously popular program and move it into something totally different.

I can now declare it officially. NASCAR jumped the shark July 27, 2008.

The location was the hallowed ground of the Brickyard, in Indianapolis, Indiana. A track that had not seen any other type of race car until NASCAR convinced the owner that a stock car race would cure the ills caused by his greed.

Instead, that day – and confirmed on Saturday, August 2, and again on Sunday, August 3, NASCAR jumped the shark:

  • July 27: Because of shitty tires, the cars were required to pit during “competition cautions” every 10-12 laps to get new tires. On the short tracks this is “heat racing.” ) Short qualifying races for the feature event.) Heat races on short tracks are super-exciting because it’s balls-to-the-wall racing for a position in the main event. At Indy it was snooze-ville.
  • August 2: NASCAR raced in the rain. Europeans race in the rain all the time. They also drive on the wrong side of the road and have round-abouts. Stock cars don’t have windsheild wipers, so there is this ridiculous bit of video of a driver wiping his windshield (windscreen in Europe) with friggin’ Swiffer

Redneck Windshield WiperRedneck Windshield Wiper

  • August 2: NASCAR raced in Canada. Okay, it wasn’t the senior circuit, the wasn’t the Sprint Cup, it was the Nationwide series, but it’s still NASCAR. In Canada. I know most U.S. cars are mostly Canadian and Mexican parts (they raced in Mexico too) but still!
  • The Canada Cup race was won by a Canadian. A road racer for Corvette. In the Rain.
  • Mrs. John McCain drove a Corvette at Pocono before the NASCAR Sprint Cup race. At least she drove it “in triple digits” and didn’t pussy around the track. She admitted to being a lead foot. I hope if her hubs wins, he considers her for Secretary of Transportation.

Heat races. Rain races. Canadian races. Canadian winners. Women lead footing around Pocono.

Yeah, shark jumping. NASCAR is jumping the shark.

What’s next? Midget drivers?

They always were entertaining as wrestlers.

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NASCAR Jumps the Shark: July 27, 2008 — 3 Comments

  1. That NASCAR race was in Quebec which many Canadians don’t consider to be part of Canada (including most quebeckers themselves) other than on an old piece of government paper.

    Until it is held in a real Canadian province, this part of NASCAR is still safe.