These are the Tones of Casa de St. Sixty

Like sands thru the hourglass, these are the days of our lives. Who knows why that phrase came to mind. I haven’t watched Days of Our Lives since forever. Do they even start the soap opera like that anymore? Is Days of Our Lives still on the air?

Electronic tones are running our life. At least most the tones that aren’t the same frequency as my tinnitus. Supposedly Hitler had a form of tinnitus, at least a few say the buzzing was telepathy. I should be so lucky to read other’s thoughts.

But all I hear are tones…

  1. Phone: forget the ringtones (Dancing Queen is on Nancy’s phone), the phone makes a ding-a-ling when she gets an email and a dddlllling, dddllllling, when she gets a voice mail.
  2. The dryer bongs when the load is dry.
  3. The washer makes a bing-bing-bing.
  4. Refrigerator/Freezer goes boop-boop when I’ve been standing with the door open too long.
  5. Spot bot – the dog spot carpet cleaner – announces whoop-whoop when it’s done with that spot.
  6. Answering machine beeps when there is a message.
  7. Get in the car and the bing-bing-bing nags me to fasten my seat belt.
  8. Leave my keys? You know the bong-bong-bong.
  9. Gas low? I’ve been told it makes a tone (this is one that apparently hits the sweet spot of my tinnitus.)
  10. Battery low in smoke detector? Annoying chirp-chirp-chirp
  11. My CPAP beeps when I turn it on. As if a Force Four typhoon blowing up my nose isn’t enough to let me know the machine is working.

It could be worse:

I have enough bleeping stuff already.

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These are the Tones of Casa de St. Sixty — 4 Comments

  1. And your blog congratulates me for being “selected to enter to win an iPod”…LOL! No joke! Just as I clicked to this page I heard that.