Why Google and I Deserve Each Other

Some people know how to deliver a load of crap, while others know how to handle it. Google has special toilets that allow 14 options after you have released the chocolate hostages. I can generate a massive data drop. Sergey and Brin, let’s start negotiations again.

We are a match made in Toto.

I would love the cleasing options: front and rear – and the dryer? Warm air blowing on my ass? Sweet. Oscillating? Ummmmmmmm, ummmmmm.

Wand cleaning? Man! They have a way to clean my wand? Or is this a preliminary rectal exam? Or is this spyware?

I’m also concerned that the stop button is massive and brightly colored. Has there been an accident using GooglePoop?


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Why Google and I Deserve Each Other — 2 Comments

  1. Perhaps “wand cleaning” means you are being cleaned BY a wand? If so, distressing if it slips and winds up giving you a proctology exam.

    The warm air on your privates, though, is killed. Every time Ben gets out of the shower, he uses my hand-held hair dryer for the warm air effect — ionized, no less. He gets very indignant if I accidentally turn off the ions. “I want the feeling of warm ions on my nuts!”

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