90 Days and Counting: My 2008 Prognostications

Just before the end of 2007, I predicted that 2008 would be a interesting year. Here are the things I thought had a good chance of happening this year. With ninety days to go, it could be a very busy three months.

  • I will become a star. – Nope,.I had a few brushes with fame, but nothing that could be considered pure stardom
  • Unanticipated blood loss. – Nope. I picked a few scabs from insect bites that bled pretty good and picked my nose and it bled, but you gotta expect those things.
  • Someone will call me Mr. Fenster and I will answer. – If I was called Mr. Fenster, I didn’t hear it, therefore I didn’t answer.
  • The diagnosis will be complete and accurate. – Not even close. I haven’t been diagnosed with anything.
  • I will perform an act of civil disobedience. – I can’t remember, honestly judge, I just can’t remember. I don’t think I did.
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90 Days and Counting: My 2008 Prognostications — 3 Comments

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