Don Cheadle and Traitor Make for Good Movie

When the heat index is 110, the best place is in the movie theater watching a movie that makes you sweat a little.

Traitor starring Don Cheadle was a 3 star movie (out of five). Cheadle plays the devout Muslim son whose radical father was killed by a car bomb. Cheadle enters the life as a mercinary providing explosives to the highest bidder.

Then things get interesting. There is a twist that had not be even hinted at during any of the movie prior to it being revealed. It puts the movie into a higher gear, adding suspense and intrigue. Then there is another twist, that makes you think Cheadle is just totally screwed.

How he gets out of the predicament is ingenious. At first thought, it seems not to be possible, but then it made sense.

It’s interesting that the hero isn’t a Christian.

If you’re looking for a cool place to hide out, seeing Traitor in the theater is worth it. Otherwise, wait until the DVD comes out.

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