Google Chrome Browser Analysis – It’s A Lot Like Simon

Here is my initial impressions of Google’s new browser.




The logo looks just like the game Simon by Milton Bradley.

Google’s logo for their hoop-dee-doo new browser.

What is this supposed to represent? A return of Milton Bradley? Hell, at least Milton Bradley has some fun and launched Simon at Studio 54.

I didn’t have a Simon, but Nancy’s sister did when we were dating. It didn’t really qualify has a hand-held game because you needed a hand or two. We would take it in the living room – her parents like to hang in the kitchen and record a long session of saved notes and then make out. I could use my hands.

I’ll get back to you with more developments on similarities between Google Chrome and Milton Bradley. Especially if I see something that looks like Battleship or Candyland.

Uncle Wiggley was one of my favorite games, also by Milton Bradley. Until I learned my brother was cheating so the game would end quicker.

My neighbor had Life and we would play that sometimes. I liked Monopoly better because I could swindle the neighbor kids out of their property easier.

I wonder if there is any life lesson to be learned from the games we play as a kid?


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Google Chrome Browser Analysis – It’s A Lot Like Simon — 10 Comments

  1. @Kim: I know that most graphic artists are under 30, but somewhere along the line somebody must have made this connection don’t you think? I guess they didn’t really care.

    PS: when I see your URL: I always read Flight of These a Birds. 🙂 Not as bad as (Pen Island)

  2. Being under 30 shouldn’t be an excuse! I’m 28, as is my boyfriend– and we both very clearly remember Simon from our childhoods as well.

    I guess I don’t remember when Simon faded from popularity…but I’d guess that anyone 25 and over should remember it…so yeah, someone should have made the connection.

    Flight of the seabirds is a line from a Grateful Dead song…you’re a boomer, you should know that1 😉

    hehehe Pen Island… hehehe

  3. @Kim: Point made. I never was a big music buff. I don’t know why, but that whole scene just never appealed to me. I shall waste some brain cells and think about that. Post to follow.

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