I Might Trust Oprah, But I Don’t Like Her

Oprah is kind of a self-made woman. As much as a television personality can be self-made. She didn’t really do anything to deserve her fame, like climb Mt. Everest or invent the cure for AIDS. She did a great job of leveraging and negotiating her way into an empire. But that just isn’t the same as building a better mousetrap.

Would the world be the same if Oprah didn’t come along? Would Phil Donahue still be king of daytime? BTW: where is he these days? Why hasn’t his face shown up to support Obama/and the other guy? Did he die and I forgot?

But a bunch of people trust Oprah a lot.

The New York Post reported Monday that a recent AOL Living and Woman’s Day magazine poll indicated that 37 percent of the poll’s nearly 2,000 participants said Winfrey was their most trusted celebrity compared with Hank’s first-place support of 40 percent.

I guess I trust her, I just don’t like her. Well, it’s not that either because I don’t know her. I guess I don’t like what I read about her:

  • she is rich – I’m jealous.
  • she is a closeted gay – Steadman? pffbt, cover-up.
  • she is pompous – I’ve seen enough of her tv programs to know that.
  • she borned Dr. Phil – OMG talk about pompous. (I think, I don’t watch his program unless it’s the last few minutes before the weather comes on.)
  • she can make book authors famous with a single mention – being a famous author should depend on word-of-mouth, not word-of-Oprah.
  • she’s deceitful – she was skinny and promised to keep off the weight, then she put it back on. If Oprah can’t keep off the lbs. (pronounced lubs) then nobody can.

Tom Hanks was the guy people trusted.That’s OK, I like him and I would trust him. Anybody that can make a movie with a soccer ball interesting is a helluva guy.

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