Introducing the Addiction of Blogging to Others

Have you been successful getting somebody else to hop on our bandwagon and start a blog or Facebook or MySpace?

I’ve only gotten one and she lives with me. She was reluctant, nay determined, NOT to be drawn in, but she is now hooked.

I have a friend who sends me email rants about national politics whenever she gets REAL hot. (Which is everytime her spouse turns on Fox News.) I have a blog all set up for her. I even said she could just email me and I would do the posts. I think she is close to breaking. She is a wild-eyed liberal and can really turn a phrase. I know she would get a following/stalkers/trolls. She is a writer so she knows it’s not easy and I think that is holding her back. I keep telling her, this isn’t “writing” it’s “blogging.” (hee – so I lie a little)

I volunteered to do a “how to blog” deal for a local group trying to get more people to read. I saw a little MEGO going on.

Blogher is coming to Nashville. But I’m not welcome because I have a penis.

If you don’t have a penis and want to hang with some bloggers, I bet Blogher would be a great event. *ahem* I know the Mom of one of the founders. I met her thru blogging.

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Introducing the Addiction of Blogging to Others — 2 Comments