Man-o-man, People Are Stuck!

I haven’t give much thought to being stuck. I seldom am stuck. But lots of people are stuck. Stuck is an odd word if you stay it enough. Stuck.

People are stuck/trapped

And when matins and the first mass was done, there was seen in the churchyard, against the high altar, a great stone four square, like unto glass or sand; and in midst thereof was stuck a fair sword naked by the point, and letters there were written in ivory about the sword that said “TYGH,” which meaneth “Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone is rightwise king born of all England.”

– – – – – –

A Miami mother says her 6-year-old son became stuck inside an operating washing machine while playing with his sister.

– – – – – –

As of Dec. 1, Goodwill Industries of Kentucky no longer will accept televisions and computers at its donation centers.

– – – – – –

The problem is, I didn’t get some for Lynn and I and after riding with that delicious smell in my car for twenty minutes my mouth is watering and my brain is screaming Fazolli’s!    I’ll have to implement tough love on myself because I think I gained three pounds being trapped with it in the car with the windows closed.

– – – – – –

Described as “the twisted tale of four ghosts trapped in a maze while being stalked by a giant yellow monster”, they cleverly flip the hero of the story from Pac-Man to the ghosts and then throw in all of those action/horror movie clichés we’ve come to love and groan at.

– – – – – –

Authorities in Columbus say a man locked out of his apartment tried to climb through a window, got stuck and suffocated.

Places I don’t want to get stuck:

  • In the fifties
  • incongnito
  • under rubble
  • in a window (Bill Gates is a Prick)
  • in a McDonald’s
  • in the middle (with you)
  • in a pixel. How would you ever notice? Sometimes having old eyes is a blessing!
  • stucco – which reminds me of Necco – those were fun candies. Lasted longer in a boy’s pocket than chocolate.
  • in a pile of stuffed animals
  • in Galveston traffic
  • Now this is funny! It has stuck in it, but you have to read it yourself. I like this blogger, she’s in my RSS – just so random.
  • in a rut. Why is it when pig’s root their nose in the ground or whatever it’s called “rutting?’
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Man-o-man, People Are Stuck! — 8 Comments

  1. When I was a kid, I actually got my tongue stuck to a metal footbridge in the wintertime, just like that kid in “A Christmas Story” and for the same reason: Because I had heard it would stick, and I didn’t believe it.

    That is another kind of stuck you don’t want. (Trivia footnote: that kid who got his tongue stuck in the movie grew up and acted in pornos.)

    Gretchens last blog post..Secret Lemonade Drinker.

  2. @Grandma Henke: you are so kind – of course I really was stuck.

    @Gretchen: ow. ow. ow. (trivia footnote: please support your thesis with documentation or appropriate, more detailed, footnote or I will doc you 1/2 a grade.)

  3. I may have already been stuck in the worst possible place I possibly could be (knock on head…er…wood). Nightmarish enough where I don’t even want to elaborate one bit (involves sister and her overgrown street punk, ex-con, felonious, alcoholic, worthless husband but I said don’t want to talk about it!).

    Life is much better now, thank you. I like how you do those lists by the way, excellent post.

    Kirk Ms last blog post..A Makeover for an Old Friend

  4. One of the worst ways to be stuck is to be stuck on a process instead of a result. We come up with a plan we think is good and then remain true to the plan whether it works or not, because it SHOULD WORK. Much better to abandon what isn’t working and find another way using the same goal. Always have three options.