Wendy’s Pwns Arby’s, Biyotch! Papa John’s and The Legend of Crystal Meth

This is big. Now I can have roast beef on my square hamburger. I can have Jamocha Frosties.

Wendy kicked Arby’s butt and pwn’s ’em. Let’s hear it for red-haired grrls with zits.

Since this was announced a long time ago, and just now got the final OK from the minimum wagers in the drive over window, Arby’s started making the corporate branding change over long ago. This is from their site today:

The product development team has been active too and soon you will be seeing the commercials for the Roast Beefburger Ala Cheez Whiz:

What the actual product will look like at the drive over window:

Hat’s off to the new We-arby’s! As in Yo! We Be Arby’s. Biyotch!

And to bring you up to speed on another potential employer as the stock market tanks even deeper…

Papa Johns is offering Crystal Meth with every Pizza purchase.

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Wendy’s Pwns Arby’s, Biyotch! Papa John’s and The Legend of Crystal Meth — 4 Comments

  1. Oh great! First they do away with the salad bar and now they sell out to Arbys (merge, whatever). No wonder my square burgers are tasting a bit flat these days (no cheeze whiz though).

    Hey Sixty…you get this one? (comment notification troubleshooting, please ignore).

    Kirk Ms last blog post..Weekly Special 09-28-08

  2. @Kirk: YES, all I had to do was have you start poking around and something jarred loose. You are a friggin’ genius.
    Get well soon. Keep us posted about your gut cut.