Cross Dressing and Begging

Halloween is a time when grown men indulge in cross dressing and begging. I thought I would give it a go and ask Jane at if I could join her little circle of geezer bloggers.  Begging? Check. Shudder, she said “yes.”

Midlifebloggers logo

Get this: I am their first man. I didn’t realize I was invading a girl’s club. Cross-dressing? Not yet.

I read the “about” page and found a seemingly well-reasoned and semi-intelligent summary:

MidLifeBloggers is a place to hang out, to vent, to share, to laugh, to cry. It’s a place to experiment, to try out new ideas (and looks!) to get a Really Honest Opinion (yes, that one makes you look fat; no, the other doesn’t). Right now MidLifeBloggers is in its infancy, but that’s what makes it so exciting. Where it goes–and how–is totally dependent on its members.

I guess that reference to looking fat should have clued me in, huh?

Ah well, as Jane said, “once our eggs dry up, men need to be good for something.”  I am the sites “comic relief.”

I would rather be any kind of relief than comic.

So much pressure. Any similarities between the problem solved by a good laxative and results of using the above product and this blog are purely coincidental.

Thanks Jane for having me.

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