Feel Guilty About Raising Prices? Time to Quit

Signs pretty much irritate the crap out of me. Can you name a sign that we couldn’t live without? Signs are a visual blight on my line of sight. If I can see a sign, I don’t like it. If driving or walking with my eyes closed was an option, I’m there.

C’mon. Can you imagine if every time Wally World or ShellEssoSpeedway changed their prices they put up a sign “explaining.”

Dear Wally World Customers:

Because of the dramatic decrease in our costs by not providing health care for our part-time employees, and because we hammered our vendors into unprofitability, and because we are buying from ShenZowie, China, we are lowering our prices. We have tried to keep prices high to help our share price and reward stockholders and line our corporate executive’s pockets with higher bonuses, but there is a limited supply of outrageous luxuries in Bentonville. So we are lowering our prices. We regret this and will raise them again as soon possible and will post a sign indicating our intentions.

It’s a bakery fer chrissakes. Who knows the daily price of scones? Is there a futures market for scones?

By the way, don’t forget to visit DogsWithScones.com

Yeah, let’s just do away with all signs. Except this one.

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Feel Guilty About Raising Prices? Time to Quit — 6 Comments

  1. Too funny! That’s like my dentist (to whom I’ve paid the equivalent of his eldest child’s college education) telling me unfortunately, the price of an education at Stanford has gone up and oh so sorry but your crown work has gone up, too. If only I were a dental marketing consultant I could come up with lots of signs for his office…

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