For Guys: Pirate Bugs, For Nancy: Idiot Bugs

Pirate Bugs! We are being eaten by Pirate Bugs or Idiot Bugs as another Episcopalian, entomologist, etymologist, epidemiologist called them. Actually I just heard of them. Normally we aren’t pestered by mosquitoes but sitting outside lately has not been pleasant.

I love eating meals outside and watching TV in the Indy Racing League/NASCAR Cigar Bar, but it’s not as much fun as it was a couple months ago. So I fogged the area and loaded up on Citronella candles. It has not helped.

It must be the Pirate Bugs – Minute Pirate Bugs (my-noot, please, or hell it may be min-nut what do I know?)

I got chewed up pretty well on my legs during our vacation and I’m still picking at some remnant scabs. Aside: If I pick a scab and it bleeds, Derby and Sedona love to lick the blood. Vampire dogs!

Nancy thinks the same vacation bug bites are reigniting.

I can’t wait to tell her they are Idiot Bugs.

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