I married Miss Subtlepants.

W hat’s for dinner? she asked. It’s her way of saying, if you want to eat anything, you can have your choice of restaurants.

It just happened. My response:

  • Freezer Mexican food
  • beer
  • cider and Cheetos later
  • milkshake laterer
  • ‘smores in the microwave latererer

BTW: ‘smores in the microwave recipe:

(we had REAL ‘smores over a REAL outdoors fire last Sunday when Amy and St. Todd DeCubbville were here, so I have done my illegal burning for the season.) It was 87 degrees when we made them, but the calendar says ‘smores time!

  1. 12 squares of Honey Graham Cracker – total square, not a half.
  2. Six Halloween size Hershey’s candy bars.
  3. One big bag of Kraft Marshmallows.


Serving for one:

Put six graham cracker squares on paper plate. Install candy bar diagonally on graham cracker. Place marshmallow on it’s side in one of the candy bar creases. Microwave for 3 seconds. This is critical. If you microwave doesn’t rotate or won’t make a complete rotation in three seconds, you are so screwed.

Remove and position a graham cracker on top of each.

By the time you get around to eating the last ‘smore everything will be perfectly gooey and chocolate will drip on your shirt and stain it. You will have at least one streak of Hershey’s on your chin, and probably marshmallow too.

If not, rinse and repeat.

UPDATE: the above menu combination also works as a great laxative after about 6 hours.

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I married Miss Subtlepants. — 6 Comments

  1. Oh man… I LOVE ‘Smores! I had 2/3’s of the ingredients for them in the house and didn’t even realize it. All I needed was the marshmallows. Unfortunately, I ate the Hershey’s candy bars over a matter of a week….bad Joy…..bad diet. Still have some Graham crackers though. Maybe it’s a good thing….I’d overdose on those babies. Brings back those campfire days….

    Joy´s last blog post..The Autumns of a Life

  2. We went camping and forgot to take the ingredients. Well, we didn’t forget … before we left we decided we should eat healthier while there. That was before we got there. You should always take the ingredients tucked away somewhere and pretend you don’t know they are there so that when you change your mind it’s okay.

    Grandma Henke´s last blog post..feeling grateful for these things today