It’s Amputee Week on Wheel of Fortune

Merv Griffin Grave Headstone
Good ole Merv Griffin. If he wasn’t dead I would probably write him a nice note of thanks in longhand on my best stationary. But he’s dead, so I will push some keys and line up these pixels to express my gratitude.

Wheel of Fortune had a designated spinner tonight for a guy who had two short arms. He wasn’t an amputee like The Bloggess is so fond of.

Did you know that there are entire sites devoted to amputee fetishes?  And even weirder, most of the pictures don’t even have real amputees, and the fully-limbed models are clearly photo-shopped by horrifically untalented people.  Like, here’s a hint:  Maybe if you’re going photo-shop an amputated stump onto someone maybe it should be someone who isn’t already famous for having legs, like Angelina Jolie.

But he couldn’t reach the Wheel, so the descendants of the founder and creator of WHEEL. OF. FORTUNE. let the guy have a designated spinner.

That was pretty cool. Wheel of Fortune has all kinds of special weeks: college roommates, bros and hoes, father and daughter, etc. Amputee Week has a lot of possibilities too. One Arm Week. One Hand Week. One Ear Week.

I don’t think One Leg Week would be interesting because you don’t need any legs to play WHEEL. OF. FORTUNE. I guess you don’t need both ears either, but it would be fun to watch.

“Eh? Pat? Talk to the ear!”

Short arm guy won $24,100.

The last puzzle was Afraid of Loving. I’m pretty sure I’m right.

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