Upside Down Dog Photos Will Crack You UP!

My quest to bring a chuckle into your life today brings us to a photo blog that I wish I would have thought of first. It’s a dog blog. It’s a dog photo blog. It’s a riotously funny dog photo blog. Unlike Dogs With Cones
I tried to get the pictures to line up in nice neat little rows, but I am not capable. I am sooooo unhandy when it comes to lining things up in nice neat little rows.
Oh, look what I just did by adding a few more lines of text!

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Upside Down Dog Photos Will Crack You UP! — 9 Comments

  1. Hmmm, reminds me of certain members of the crew of my old submarine after 3rd day of a 4 day binge at one of the better liberty ports.

  2. hi’i realy love the pictures of your dogs upside down aspacially the ones that are smilling im such a big fan of any kind of dogs.

  3. i love photo blogs, there is a saying that a picture speaks a thousand words and this saying is also true for blogs that mostly displays photos.