Eight Things You Don’t Need for Thanksgiving

  • runny snot egg separator
  • onion goggles
  • turkey purse
  • referee turkey hat
  • turkey bondage chain
  • shotgun shell seasoning
  • food bondage loops
  • turkey leg phone

Well, OK, I would love the turkey hat and the shotgun shell seasoning and the runny snot egg separator. But nobody needs this stuff.

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Eight Things You Don’t Need for Thanksgiving — 8 Comments

  1. Why did I know the Turkey hat was what you would want? Actually, that was what I was drawn to. It would be perfect for just the ‘right’ person……like you. The ‘runny snot egg separator’ kind of oogs me out, but then again I don’t like runny snotty eggs. The turkey phone and purse….what a hoot….and again maybe for ‘just the right, nutty person.’ As for the rest….no comment….

    I hope you have a really wonderful Thanksgiving with your family Mark….you wild turkey….

    Joy´s last blog post..Straight from the Bird…Don’t Squawk!

  2. Lol, I love the snot separator, the shotgun shell’s great too. The onion goggles, I’m imagining someone with a large shipment of glasses scratching their head and getting a flash of genius with a calendar near by (I use “genius” loosely). Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I’m off to patent some Santa-friendly fireproof chimney logs before it’s too late!