Fun With CAPTCHA; Including the Most Difficult CAPTCHA Image In the Universe.

Google ™ loves CAPTCHA, which puzzles me because Gmail Beta ™ does a fantastic job of sorting out Spam.  I don’t understand why it won’t do as great a job on blog comments. Google(tm) runs Blogger(tm)/Blogspot(tm) which hosts a whole caboodle of blogs. But they insist ™ that before I ™ can comment, I have to decipher a mumbo-jumbo of letters and numbers.

I hate CAPTCHA and I don’t even care if they are deciphering and digitizing the Great Books of The World via CAPTCHA.

The toughest CAPTCHA is courtesy of

Editor: Peter Pachal

doesn’t respond to my complaints and therefore shouldn’t even have comments enabled because he is too busy spinning his propeller beanie. Nyeah.

What’s really odd is that if I look at his blog using FireFox, the preferred browser for propeller heads, the CSS doesn’t fully render the page. And they are giggling and saying, the dipwad has ____________ turned on/off and doesn’t even know it.
Well, Nvidia-lovers, I don’t have anything turned on/off that effects/affects (pick correct usage) any other blogs I visit. nyeah.


The toughest CAPTCHA in the local universe!   Note: There is NO IMAGE. Tough, tough CAPTCHA.

I also like to have Fun with CAPTCHA ™. When a CAPTCHA shows up, I like to make up words and definitions. I’ve noticed that Google ™ CAPTCHA is now more “word-like.”

Word Verifier: SWasi; n. the act of walking after visiting Tower of Terrier. eg: “When I came off the Tower of Terrier, I was all swaysi.

Turns out the joke is on the people who use CAPTCHA to prevent spam. The spammers won. Quite a while ago.

Breaking Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail’s CAPTCHAs, has been an urban legend for over two years now, with do-it-yourself CAPTCHA breaking services, and proprietary underground tools assisting spammers, phishers and malware authors into registering hundreds of thousands of bogus accounts for spamming and fraudulent purposes.

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