It’s Official – Going Like Sixty is Pleased to Endorse The Absinthe Supplier


seems only appropriate as I close out my sixtieth year, that I get an official sponsor. Therefore I am pleased the The Absinthe Supplier has stepped forward and generously offered to help me make the transition to out of Going Like Sixty and into Going Like Sixtyish.

I am offering my endorsement of Zele Premium because it seems to be the best fit for me, my lifestyle and my blog.

Zele contains 75.5% alcohol (151 proof), 111mg of the psychoactive thujone and offers a taste that’ll definitely get your attention.

This classic absinthe is made from the original Swiss recipe and contains no artificial colors or preservatives.

Naturally green in color, AbsintheX uses a blend of 13 herbs the most important of which are wormwood, mint, aniseed and chamomile which distill inside the bottle and enhance the taste and thujone content.

Zele is great for veteran Absinthe drinkers and the adventurous alike.

The Absinthe Supplier offers some reasonable advice that I would like for you to consider as you imbibe.

The ritual of preparing it, the effects of it’s thujone. But, too much and you can have a BAD experience. You definitely don’t want to become an alchoholic on it.

As always, before The Absinthe Supplier was selected, they had to pass rigorous inspection and testing. My rigorous testing involved:

1. It has to look cool. Yeah, Zele Premium is ultra cool. Great bottle design, fantastic logo, and most of all – all natural color!

2. It has to be high  quality. Yeah, Zele Premium is that too. 151 friggin’ proof! Nothing artificial. Pure herbs.

3. It has to be just a tad weird. It’s Absinthe, fer cryin’ out loud. It was illegal for decades because it was thought to be deadly. Get this: Zele Premium boasts of having wormwood! I love it! I have wormwood.

4. It has to be Premium. Premium demands a high price, much like reading Going Like Sixty. You have to give up a lot to spend much time here. Zele Premium sells for $300 per 750 ml bottle.

5. It’s psychoactive. I’m psychoactive. Perfect!

The Absinthe Supplier also has a nice variety of other Absinthe offerings including…
Cannabis Vodka

Trendy, original, wild, popular and quickly spreading worldwide, this Czech specialty is conquering the nightlife throughout city bars, clubs and discos all around the planet. Containing 40% of cereal alcohol, spring water, sugar and singularly bottled with a handful of Cannabis Sativa L. seeds (better known as Beniko species), this peculiar liquor is undoubtedly becoming the most in vogue drink.

Please join me in a little tipple of Absinthe to celebrate the passing of Sixty! The date is unimportant, just be glad that what used to kill ya is now part of your life!

UPDATE: My endorsment deal is official.

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It’s Official – Going Like Sixty is Pleased to Endorse The Absinthe Supplier — 5 Comments

  1. Oh fuck me, I’ve always wanted to try that stuff. I think Ben has done. People have sometimes said good tequila or oh, I don’t know, what’s the stuff with the worm in it (agave?) is partially hallucinogenic, but absinthe is beyond my experience range. I would love to hear other commenters with absinthe reviews and comments, as you are coy on this topic.

    Furthermore: That shit is some kind of expensive. More expensive, these days, than So Cal real estate.

    Gretchen´s last blog post..Fiery. Again. Plus: Comic Relief.