What This Country Needs is More Face Slapping. Need a Fun Booth for Your December Festival?

Many games are more fun when you just watch rather than participate. I can’t think of any right now, but for this to work, I have be like a cannibal and go with my gut. (If I started eating my own flesh would that make me a mannibal?)

My new good friend Danny Choo writes from Japan that it is great fun for the Japanese to slap each other. Totally unprovoked, Japaneseans will whap each other in the face and then just fall over laughing.


Not just a pat on the cheek like Nancy does to me. She will walk up behind me in  the recliner and pat my face and walk away as if to say “you poor dumb man.” You might call it a love pat, but it’s the giggling as she walks away bothers me.

No these are wind up and Ker-blammo open handed, turn your face red slaps.

In Japan these are part of the Autumn Festivals.

Here we see folks crowded around a (name-of-thingy-goes-here-because-I-forgot) which has a handle on the side – you turn the handle and a ball will drop out of it. Depending on the color of the ball, the player gets a certain prize. If the color of the ball is brown, the player will get a slap in the face. (emphasis mine.)

Next International Festival, I am going to help a Japanesean set up this booth. I know it will be a hit. (har) I bet I can get away with it for the entire duration of the festival if a Japanesean is doing the slapping. I’ll get a bunch of crap from Oriental Trading for prizes.

I wonder how much they charge to play this game? I’m thinking of making the fee height dependant. If you are under three feet, it will be free, because smacking a small child is reward itself.  I’ll work the fee up to 18 dollars for contestants up to five feet tall. If the person has pants 15 inches below belly button, it will also be free (but I’ll rig it so they get a slap – guaranteed.)

It will be called “You’re a Hit” and people will think it is American Idol satellite entry booth.

I think when Nancy reads this, I will get a pat on the cheek.

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What This Country Needs is More Face Slapping. Need a Fun Booth for Your December Festival? — 11 Comments

  1. My daughters and I used to make up a slap list of people we encountered who needed to have some sense slapped into them. We finally quit when the list became overwhelming.

    I like the idea of having a booth where people would pay me to have sense slapped into them or have them slapped senseless.

    I know this likely makes me even more valuable to you as a potential Officer of Common Sense for your administration.

    Catch Her In the Wry´s last blog post..Election night with former revolutionaries

  2. @Catch Her In The Wry: What an enjoyable memory to have to share with your daughters. Do you reminisce about the list?
    I think you are too young to give anybody a dope slap. This would be reserved for 80 year old grey haired ladies.

  3. Yes, we do. At the top of our list are the two parents, each recently divorced from others, who were heavily petting and making out in the high school lobby during intermission of the high school musical in which their children were performing. And yes, they were setting a fine example for all those teens who were watching them. Slap! Slap!

    Catch Her In the Wry´s last blog post..It’s that time of year again.

  4. LOL! Leave it to you to come up with all the fun stuff while I’ve been offline the last few months.

    LOVE this! Can we pick the contestants? Send out invitations?

  5. Party…yep. Hey, after 5 kids I think I deserve to…ALL the time.

    Yea, go ahead…you can call me “Long Arm Lucy” since I can reach all the way around there and pat myself on the back. 😉

    Back to writing? Hopefully soon. Life flipped inside out, upside down, a few cartwheels, and back again back in early summer when MAJOR changes to hubby’s job took place. All is well…he still has a good job, we still eat well, are healthy, have stuff, yada, yada, yada. We’ve just gotta figure out WHERE we’re going to live WHEN someone else finally decides our place is their dream home.