A Tail In Witch Ewe Will Mispronounce At Least One Word If Red Allowed

Daily Writing Tips says you will have some problems with the pronunciations of some of these bold face words if you read this aloud. Their opinion, not mine. I disagree with only one interpretation, but I mispronounce many more. See how you do and compare your language use to theirs.

Anyway, you ask about the candidate? She served in the cavalry in the Arctic one February.

This is the way I interpret her old-fashioned niche in America.

Being an athlete, clothes were not her forte. Irregardless, Halloween was an especially heinous time for her. She thrived on the chaos of the day and eschewed the beautiful foliage of the season. She was very mischievous and could orient herself in a manner that played to the height of medieval acts.

In Illinois, where she was born, barbed wire is not uncommon. Often, Realtors use it as a preventative to protect tracts of land. They were somewhat ticklish that a vehicle might have an incident and a person could end up drowned in a miniature lake, more commonly know as a pond, fishing hole, watering hole, et cetera.

Regardless, the candidate did not have the aegis to prevent a prescription for disaster. She needed a man. Someone who would serve as an asterisk to her legend. An accessory. The man she had her eye on had prostate problems, so sex wasn’t an issue. It was like he had been spayed. She had spotted him from the dias during the presentation of the Sherbet Cache Award, a lovely jewelry piece. (The Sherbet Cache Award was her’s alone. Long days at the library, studying the hierarchy of precipitation melt, her eyes would dilate as she tried to picture where the best snow drift would accumulate and secure the sherbet until spring.)

This is how Horse Force, Scary Fairy, Wire Spire, Silhouette Sherbet Cache Bash and Illinois Ploy became a part of our American folklore.

UPDATE: I think saying neesh for niche is too hoity-toity. I mispronounce miss-chiv-ous by saying mis-cheev-ious.

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A Tail In Witch Ewe Will Mispronounce At Least One Word If Red Allowed — 3 Comments

  1. Apparently I’m a bombastic simpleton, as eschewed and aegis confounded my medulla oblongata. I construe not a contemporary weblog post, but perhaps an articulate and well-arranged secret code to speak over the heads of numskullians like myself. I exasperatedly retire in defeat.

    I’m confident at least 70% of what I just typed are real words.