Hello? Since When is 38-44 young?

Wow, get this, an old geezer saying that the new folks taking over bringing us news and pontification are a bunch of whippersnappers. While MICHAEL CALDERONE of Politico is saying they are a bunch of whippersnappers!

His post headline is Young Guns Storm Sunday Morning.

The moves seem to echo the generational shift of network nightly news anchors, as Tom Brokaw gave way to Brian Williams at NBC in 2004 and Katie Couric took the top slot at CBS in 20/6, after Dan Rather departed in 2005.
“This Week” host George Stephanopoulos joked that at age 47, he’s become “the gray-haired guy—that is, if not for Gregory’s salt-and-pepper mane.”
But even with fresh faces coming on the Sunday scene

Fresh faces? OMG, No! These guys have been around for ages. I guess Calderone doesn’t watch much local television outside the beltway or Potomac or Hudson or whatever else is fogging his lens on the world of TeeVee news.
It’s a bunch of young ‘uns taking over, but by young I’m saying 25-30. They work cheap. TeeVee News isn’t the cash cow it used to be.

David Gregory of Meet the Press is 38, John King who will have four hours Sunday morning is 44. Hello? These guys have lived a life.

Gregory is eating this “young fella” stuff up.

“I think we can look to younger voices, voices outside Washington, to capture the enthusiasm in the country, and the sentiment in the country for change that Obama represents,” said Gregory the morning after NBC’s big announcement.

Which is smart because if he starts playing up his life experience, somebody will take a look at his head full of grey hair and out he goes.

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Hello? Since When is 38-44 young? — 3 Comments

  1. When they realize his hair is gray, he’ll get the “TV dye job”! I hope he’s allergic to hair dye, they dye it, his hair falls out, they fire him and he can sue them! Yep, ’tis the season that I’m ready to sue anybody and everyone!

    Nancy´s last blog post..Bowling for Boobies on Monday