Hertz Challenges Any Man To Resist This Offer

It’s a rental… this is a cry as guys fly off-road in a Chevy Impala or do donuts in the parking lot in a Grand Marquis or burn rubber away from every stop in a Ford Focus (will they even lay rubber?) Hertz is offering every male the chance to just beat the hell of a car with absolutely no feelings of guilt or remorse.

Hertz is offering a FREE day car rental.

Not buy one – get one free, but just FREE.

Here’s a holiday present you can enjoy all winter, with no minimum rental days required.
Now through March 31, 2009, you can enjoy one free weekend day, when PC#127595 is included in your reservation of Economy through Full-size class cars. Only one redemption per month is permitted.

Is Hertz nucking futs? A free rental car? To any guy that walks up to the counter? This is like giving a silver bullet to the Lone Ranger (no that would be a good thing.) This is like giving Colombo, “just one more thing” (no, that would be a good thing too.) This is like giving William Madoff all your money. Yeah, bad. Dumb. Stupid.Idiotic.

Guys dream about renting cars and taking them through vast bodies of water at high speed. Multiple times.  Fantasize about pulling tree stumps with a sedan.  See how quickly a car will stop on gravel from 80 miles an hour. And then how long it takes to get up to speed again.

It’s a rental… often proceeds hey! watch this.

I can’t wait.

Gas is cheap, I won’t sleep,

One single leap and a Holy Bleep…

Hertz will weep when I return their heap.

Waaaaaa hoooooo….

BTW: If I die, this has to be considered an attractive nuisance, right? I’m not responsible, right?

I wonder if the local circle track would consider opening on a weekday.

Oh, the possibilities are staggering!

I think I just figured out what I will be doing Christmas Day.

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Hertz Challenges Any Man To Resist This Offer — 5 Comments

  1. I love it! “It’s a rental… often proceeds hey! watch this.” This shtuff is hilarious.

    I have no idea what Hertz is thinking but I commend them for helping to support the auto mechanic, scrap metal, and vehicle towing industries. I’ve seen guys literally transform into monsters in a rental car. I’ve heard expressions like “let’s see how close we can get”, “you think we’ll hit bottom?”, “time me”, and of course “watch this”. Hertz is gonna live up to their name.