How the Christmas Islands Are Connected to Basil Rathbone and My Exorcism.

Ah Christmas. Christmas Islands. Tropics. Cancer. OK, so the Christmas Islands are near the Tropic of Capricorn, not the Tropic of Cancer. But how else am I going to tie in Christmas and Cancer?
I had cancer. It’s gone. The old Basil Sell Carsonoma, named after Mr. Rathbone who deals in Johnny Carson memorabilia in Senoma, CA

Sedona, our Labramutt, had it scoped out and diag”nosed” long ago. She just liked to lick that bump on the top of my foreharem. She would really consecrate. Usually liking it until it bled, then she would lick it until the bleeding stopped. Then I would dump hydrogen peroxide on it until the scab went away. This went on four a couple/four years, with Nancy giving me a strong urging that I needed to “have that looked at.”

My answer was always the same. It’s not getting better, but it’s not getting worse. It’s skin cancer.

So I finally gave in, the doc confirmed it  and I had an exorcism – or poor man’s lipo.

Now: here is my dilemma. There was no scare, but  I have will have a scar. Here are my choices:

1. Do nothing


2. Have an awesome tattoo…

Option A:


Option B:


Option C: ? (leave in comments)

Whaddya think?

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How the Christmas Islands Are Connected to Basil Rathbone and My Exorcism. — 4 Comments

  1. 2. for sure, but, you could apply vitamin E oil to get rid of the scar, but mayby the tat would be a friendly reminder. Sixty isn’t so bad now, is it?