Just a Couple of Wordworking Fools

Bob Basler, my good friend from Reuters, always knows he can get me going in the a.m. with a corny play on words. I would like a beany with “corny” on it. I would wear it over my cauliflower ears. Today Dear Blog Guy got an interesting question about waitresses who serve drinks from bungie cords.

Eewww! So, how do they crank the serving wenches back up?

With a wench winch, which they crank with a wench winch wrench.

That is SO stupid! That’s it. I’m out of here!

Fine. Be a wench winch wrench Grinch!

A French wench jumping from a bench into a trench would not make them a mensche. But the patron may still get drenched and may have some stench.

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