Louis CK on Conan Whangs Xers

Who is Louis CK? I’m not embarrassed to admit I have never seen the guy, never heard of the guy, but I LIKE Louis CK a lot. Listen to his spin on how the best technology is wasted on the dumbest generation.

we live in an amazing, amazing world… and it’s wasted on the crappiest generation… that don’t care.

I love his spin on rotary dial phones, “we’re making sparks” and how today callers can’t wait a few seconds for the signal to get back from space to get to their cell phone! Regarding internet access on an airplane he observes how quickly the guy next to him calls “bullshit” when the access goes down – something he didn’t know existed ten seconds ago.

Great piece of work, this Louis CK. I like this guy.

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Louis CK on Conan Whangs Xers — 2 Comments

  1. HAHA You beat me to it. I’ve got this video lined up to go next Tuesday. It’s so true though especially the thing about the phone. I told one of my students about slide rules and she was totally flabbergasted as she said “My God, just how old are you?”