When Baby Jesus Blogs, People Read

For some reason, this blog post isn’t getting much traction. I found it terribly clever and amusing. I don’t know if the history or references are all correct, but it still was an entertaining blog post.

Baby Jesus: the Blog

User Profile: I am the Son of God, the Prince of Peace and the Messiah. I am also good with tools.

Likes: Carpentry, Fish, Hugs

Dislikes: Money-changers, Cruelty, Shaving

What I’m Doing Right Now: Various people are bringing me laud


4:33 a.m. Hi, I’m Baby Jesus. Welcome to my blog! It’s a place where I can write down my feelings about stuff and junk, tell you about what’s going down here in B-hem and keep you up to date on the redeeming of mankind. Enjoy!

As with many blog posts, the comments are worth reading. Some poor schlub, Jennifer, thought we will all be judged by our blogposts if/when we are judged at the Pearlies.

One day Scott Feschuk you will stand before your Maker, God himself, and he will ask you why you wrote this idiotic blog. I would not want to be standing in your shoes.

Jack immediately changed his ways, commenting:

Wait, we’re going to be held to account for what we blog? I hate to say it, but that changes everything.

InnsServiceSurvey wrote what amounts to another clever blog post, but in the comments, as Benjamin Ben Benjamin,  asking:

At InnsService/Bethlehem we are committed to maintaining a high level of customer care from our member Inns. On 10/12/01 BCE you, or someone from the same IP address peformed a search for Inns/Roadhouses BETHLEHEM_REGION for the NIGHT OF 24/12/01 AND THREE NIGHTS THEREAFTER for TWO ADULTS arriving LATE AFTERNOON by HORSE/DONKEY

He then goes on with the perfect parody of an email customer service survey.

Don’t think I’ve copy and pasted all the good parts. It’s worth a look-see for yourself.

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