Wooden Shoe Please Take My Survey?


Wooden Shoe/Wouldn’t You? Get it? Har, I am just so damn clever…

From time to time you have probably been “invited” to take a survey regarding my site via a pop up in the lower right hand corner. It’s legit. I put it there. I get analytics from Google and Woopra, but I thought Crowd Science would be fun because it is YOU providing the demographic information. I think it’s about eight questions and I can see nothing that would identify you. No IP address, nada. The only one I know took the survey said this in the comments on improving the site.

Ya’ got too much bling, Sixty. How the hell are you supposed to concentrate on your writing when you got all this bling going on in your sidebar fer crissake? If I didn’t have AdBlock Plus and NoScript runnin’ in Firefox I’d have a seizure, there’s so much bling! Have you guessed who this is yet? If not you should have. ;D

Yeah, I know who that is!  ahahahahaha.  So if you hate my ads and widgets, now is the time to make your thoughts known. When the pop pops, take literally a minute, and check a few boxes and write me a note.

I do appreciate the feedback, if you have something you don’t like, you can contact me at goinglikesixty@gmail.com directly – or leave a comment.

But I will ignore anonymous email criticism or comments (you can fake the name, but leave a real email.) It’s something I learned a long time ago, if you won’t tell me who you are you are not entitled to criticize me. Neener. Neener. Neener.

So far the questionnaire has been “offered” to about 1200 readers, and I have about 30 responses. It’s fun to look at the demographics and to read the comments.

Wooden shoe like to participate?


(say it out loud, like Lawrence Welk)

UPDATE: Here’s what the survey popup looks like…


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