Yes, Doubt.

Doubt. See it.

As always, it’s hard not to like a movie with two proven highly acclaimed actors: Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

4 stars out of four.
As usual, I’m behind the curve because I thought another main actor in the movie, Amy Adams was a newcomer. Compared to Streep and Hoffman, she is of course, but when I looked up her background, she is quite accomplished. Her role in Doubt was even impressive now that I understand her range.

Doubt had it all, excellent story, excellent character building, high drama, engrossing dialogue, relevance, nice camera work, and loads of twists, tweaks, and turns.

Doubt is the story of a Catholic school nun/principal (Streep) and her battle with the parish priest (Hoffman) and his unseemly activities. Adams plays a wonderful supporting role that each character interacts with in a different manor which allowed the characters to reveal their flaws.

After all the roles that Streep has played in her career, I don’t know how she doesn’t start repeating herself. But she doesn’t. Her role as the hard/soft nun/principal is not one that you can point to and say it was a combination of X and Y with Z thrown in.

Hoffman was equally convincing in his role.

Loved the twist ending.

See it.

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Yes, Doubt. — 3 Comments

  1. You are talking about the greatest of our time. BUt in all fairness there are some great actors today…leaving out the hyped like Lindsay Lohan, etc….But there is some growing talent which will someday be baby boomers and hopefully their talent is not based on their good looks..

    Carol Stanley´s last blog post..Where has the time gone?