Albuquerque/Santa Fe/Taos Trip Report

When we travel our schedule is calculated on where we will eat. Shopping and sight-seeing are integral too, but especially when traveling with Bill and Sandy, it’s all about the food. Nancy and I made a weekend run to Albuquerque. Here is the trip report.

Sadies - Stuffed Sopaipilla

Sadies - Stuffed Sopaipilla - Friday evening

Duran Central Pharmacy - Green Chile

Duran Central Pharmacy - Green Chile - Saturday noon

Chicken Breast - Chef Du Jour

Chef Du Jour - Chicken Breast - Saturday evening

Santa Fe - Bent St. Cafe - Ham and Potato Casserole - Saturday noon

Bent St. Cafe - Taos - Ham and Potato Casserole - Sunday noon

Filet - Santa Fe Rail Yard

Santa Fe - Rail Yard - Filet - Sunday Evening

Nancy ate too, except for Saturday when she puked all day.

The end.


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