Anything You Need from Barry? Let Me Know.

Barry has just adopted the my only recommendation to get done in his first 100 days in office. And he’s not even in office. My Man! Barry O’Bomber.

Appoint an Officer of Common Sense. This person doesn’t need a staff an office or a pension. Their sole duty is to follow the Fresh President around and inject common sense when needed. I’m thinking the old *cough/bullshit* would work nicely. The Officer of Common Sense would change whenever the current Officer of Common Sense flames out, or his or her head explodes, or every 100 days, which ever comes first. Joe the Plumber, hell yeah!(He got another gig.)  Going Like Sixty, oh absolutely.

He didn’t pick any of my candidates, but he did establish an Officer of Common Sense. Well kinda. He did as good as he could with all the rigamarole and crap he has to step over in the District.

President-elect Barack Obama has picked Nancy Killefer to serve as the federal government’s chief performance officer (CPO), a newly created post designed to help improve government efficiency and reform budget practices.

She isn’t going to follow Barry around and yell “bullshit” when she sees a lack of common sense.  And she isn’t the top boss. She has a boss. A boss that isn’t Barry. She works in the bureau of management and budget.

Nice try Barry, kudos for making the attempt. But Nancy is a consultant! Fer Chrissakes. She is one of those! “I’ve never done it before, but I’m here to tell you how you should do it.” She is going to apparently introduce the Zagat, AAA, Mobil rating to government.

A body we call ‘Gov-Star,’ modeled after fund-rating agency Morningstar, to provide completely independent measurement of government program performance; to develop comparable program data over time – between programs, between governments, and with the private sector; and to make the data and their implications clear to appropriators and citizens.

I can see I’m still needed. *cough/bullshit!*


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