Bloggers Fall for Live-On-An-Island-and-Get-Paid-Buckets-of-Money Scheme

Exactly why bloggers don’t get credit for having any brains on how the real world works. If you haven’t read this on every news website or blog or seen any TeeVee news yet, some island someplace is offering $103,000 for a blogger to live in luxury for six months and blog about it.

And the bloggers are frothing at the mouth. Most of the TeeVee reporters are cracking wise about the offer, but the bloggers are just going bonkers! I read about it yesterday in a press release. Very clever. Boy wouldn’t that be fun. Wow, just imagine… and then I snapped back to real world. Of course they will offer this. What news broadcast won’t carry this? What blogger can resist having the same daydream of Ginger, Mary Ann, The Professor, and the Minnow?

If the whole deal they are offering costs – let’s guess $US a million, then what a bargain the tourism marketers got! Their island paradise is shown, their message is getting out that it is a paradise and we all should want to visit. I don’t read the international blogs, or marketing blogs, or travel blogs, but they got to be overflowing with the tourism board’s message.

Note to mommy-bloggers, travel-bloggers, technology-bloggers, crafts-bloggers, teen-bloggers, snark-bloggers: you’re not going to win.
Not. Going. To. Win.
This job is going to some professional communicator – not a hobbyist who thinks they can write or vlog. This is a job. A job has requirements – outside of “I, really, REALLY, want to live the dream.”

Good lord, people. Some of us don’t give a whit if we are taken seriously, some of us try not to be taken seriously, but we don’t like to hang around with idjits.

Will you stop writing about how wonderful your life would be if only…

UPDATE: The position has been filled. My good friend, now my very best friend, who is a professional writer for Reuters, Writer for Reuters. Writer for Rueters. Rooter for Righters, has just gotten this confirmation:

“Gidday, Mate! We’re thrilled to offer you the “best job in the world.” Your résumé was clearly better than 220 million others we received. We were most impressed that you are…

  • More powerful than a locomotive
  • Engaged to Nicole Kidman
  • Recommended by four out of five dentists
  • Heir to the throne of England

“The job is all yours, Chief Justice Basler, as soon as we check your references. Congrats, and we’ll see you in July, which of course is really February in Australia!”


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Bloggers Fall for Live-On-An-Island-and-Get-Paid-Buckets-of-Money Scheme — 3 Comments

  1. Actually YOU’RE not going to win.

    Everyone else is still in the game and sourpusses like you kind of take all the fun out of it.

    In other news, ease up on the sponsored ads.

    Your blog looks like an ad farm with a little bit of copy thrown in.

  2. @Jimmy Suggs: apparently you’re not even a blogger? It’s not a GAME. It’s a job. It’s not a LOTTERY, it’s a job, amateurs need not apply. Sheesh.