Facebook Finally Has Value: Reveals Genius

Okay, so we all screw around on Facebook posting clever or not so clever snippets of our daily ongoings/goingson. Laurie Ruettimann is a Punk Rock HR person, and she is de-religifiying (anti-christmasing) her home today. As women are wont to do,  (love archaic language since I am archaic) she is bitching about it.

Laurie has removed the last vestige of holiday crap from her house.

She has a genius “friend” – could be a stalker for all I know, but whaddevah. The guy is pure evil. Check out his comment:

i concur: just leave a disturbing cross-sample of xmas lights, manger scenes, easter bunnies, halloween detritus, and thanksgiving crap all over the lawn and house for people to enjoy year ’round.

in fact, you should add as much observed-holiday shit as you can find and mix it all together so it looks like you’ve gone completely around the bend or begun taking massive amounts of lsd: have a life-size replication of the JFK assassination in the front lawn with an old convertible (with santa driving, the easter bunny as oswald, flanked by the three wise men and cashmire polaski as the secret service), and jackie is played by george washington dressed as an axe-wielding leprechaun with a pumpkin head who is giving jack a valentine just as he’s grabbing his throat.

he keeps handing the valentine back and to the left. back, and to the left. back. and. to. the. left.

if you need a coordinator, i know a guy who specializes in this stuff.

Is Genius no? Yes.

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