Freebies! Join the Freeconomy Movement.

Sucker I am for freebies, I’m going to track my free swag for a year. I’m not into BOGO’s – unless they come to my email box because I belong to the M & M club, or the Dairy Queen Blizzard Fraternity, or the Maker’s Mark Bourbon Ambassador Society. So here’s the list – which will be updated on a regular basis (I hope.) If you have something you would like to send me at no cost or obligation, I will be glad to accept your generous gift. Someplace in one of the sidebars, I have a contact me link. I’ll send my address to anybody for the promise of free stuff.

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  • January 17: Free whopper for unfriending Facebook fake friends. (This was a rarity that I actually did extra work besides filling out a form and hitting submit.


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