It’s Getting Less Social On the Social Networks

Scott Monty is the Head of Social Media for Ford Motor Company. But Scott Monty can just kiss my lily white a**. Here’s why I don’t like the punk…

Yes, Scott Monty is Head of Social Media, but unless he knows you, he doesn’t want anything to do with you. Well actually, he says he will think about dealing with you if you have “interacted” with him.

Scott Monty Ford Social Network Asshole

The pizza delivery geezer and the babes at any Detroit strip club are in… but the rest of us are out. (Aside: Detroit stripper, >>shudder>>> can you imagine what a stripper in Detroit must look like? Think layed off Rosie the Riveter.)

It’s days like this, that makes me appreciate FaceBook. Actually, I appreciate Burger King’s Whopper Sacrifice promotion. If you agree to burn up ten of your Facebook friends, BK will send you a coupon for a free Whopper.

Basically, you load the app; delete 10 of your “friends”; and BK sends you a coupon for a free Whopper. The app also lets those “friends” (please use airquotes) know they’ve been deleted for a burger to perpetuate the viral effect. It’s top notch Burger King classiness.

I’m off to “friend” (airquotes) Scott Monty and then watch his face burn in my Whopper Sacrifice. I’ve already burned up ten Fake Facebook Fiend Friends. I joined a group just so I could get my free meat.

But I’ll burn Scott Monty just for the sheer pleasure.


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It’s Getting Less Social On the Social Networks — 2 Comments