Just Shut Up About Krispy Kreme.

It’s time for everybody to just shut up about Krispy Kreme. It’s a glazed donut. Nothing more. The store has a neon sign in the window that says Hot Now. So what if you can walk in and see the lovely plump circles of doughy goodness climb out of the hot grease only to be coated with a luscious glaze and put in the box with your name on it?

Stop. Enough already.

Krispy Kreme Challenge? No,not what you imagine,  it’s a foot race! 4 miles, some donuts and a small tee shirt. $16. Sponsored by a donut maker.

Krispy Kreme valentine donuts?

Just shut up  (we don’t have a Krispy Kreme.)

Yes, I am slightly obsessing over this fact. Here is  the story.

We used to have a Krispy  Kreme.

A big hail storm hit Smallburg and wiped out lots of roofs. Krispy  Kreme closed because of “hail damage.”

They never reopened.

Here is the scoop. The franchise could not exist on my once a week dozen. But they didn’t have the bucks to close it down and have to pay off all the associated costs.

Viola! Cello! Hail storm, big insurance settlement.

Store closes forever. Owner skeedaddles.

So just shut up about Krispy Kreme, mmmmK?

Oh yeah, it’s spelled donuts.


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