Two Significant Anniversaries That You Probably Would Have Ignored Were It Not For Moi

While you were away, two important anniversaries came around and you didn’t even make plans to pop a cork or pop a top did you! Two defining moments for Boomers everywhere, and because I wasn’t at my computer to hound you, you would have just let them slip past on your calendar with no fanfare. I should make you all turn in your Boomer Cards immediately.

  • The seamless Aluminum beer can will be 50 years old this month. Before fine people at Coors introduced the seamless aluminum can, we were forced to drink from tin cans with a seam. Heavy, man. Heavier, man. It’s no wonder Boomer boys are less physically fit, it would take twice as many aluminum cans to equal the weight of the tin can. Pumping iron indeed. Boomers invented it: we called it pumping tin.

That can ultimately spelled the demise of the tin beverage can developed in the mid-1800s. Industry officials say the development of the Coors aluminum can forever changed the way people drink beer and other beverages.

Needless to say while one industry died, two others sprang springed sprung to take it’s place: the sheet aluminum business and the recycling of aluminum business.

But of course we really know that it’s what’s inside that is truly recyclable.

  • The Apple Macintosh Computer was introduced on January 24, 1984. When Bill Gates was saying there was no reason to build a computer for the masses, Steve Jobs (who isn’t dead) was saying, here Bill, let me take that Graphic User Interface (GUI) you aren’t using off your hands. He and some other guys who aren’t dead ( Kawasaki and Woz ), made and marketed a cute little computer than had happy faces and little trash cans. The place where you put things looked like – gasp – file folders!
  • The Mac was the first computer for many Boomers where one could actually focus on being productive rather than learning how to make an application actually work! I won’t rant and rave about Apple and how it sucks that it isn’t the dominant computer in the whole world. Bill Gates is a Prick.

    But this was a defining moment in marketing –

    Happy Anniversary Seamless Beer Cans and Apple Macintosh. I’ve learned to live without both. But it was fun back in the day!

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    Two Significant Anniversaries That You Probably Would Have Ignored Were It Not For Moi — 1 Comment

    1. I was actually a bit miffed at the demise of the old tin soda/beer can since The tab on the pop top could be used in place of dimes in the parking meters during that era.

      And you brought back memories with that commercial. I’m surprised you were able to find it. I was just transferred to shore duty at the time that one was made. It was just coincidence that I had already had the opportunity to use an Apple Lisa shortly before that commercial came out. I actually liked the Lisa over the first Mac that hit the streets with that little screen they put into it.

      Kirk M…also wrote this…Surgeons and Partials and Pills, Oh My!