Well, Yesterday Was Different.


  • when 60 million people were reminded they voted for the loser. Not a loser, the loser.
  • the day after Martin Luther King Day – we were reminded over and over and over by anyone who had a microphone available.
  • historic day. He is African-American, so no denying this is history.
  • first day for the White House blog.
  • Beatnik’s return:

    Where Yellow is mellow
    and Brown stays around
    Where red gets ahead
    and white gets it right.

  • the first speech subjected to Wordle.com


  • a dude with Robinette in his name got in line for the presidency. Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.
  • He talks on the photo-op all a day long
    Chinnin’ and a-grinn’ and spinnin’ the song
    All the old voters on O-bama Street
    Love to hear Robinette goin’ bleat bleat bleat
    Rockin’ Robinette (tweet tweet tweet)
    Rockin’ Robinette (tweet tweet tweet)
    Robinette on the ticket just because you’re white

  • judge got it wrong and stood corrected – ignoring the egg on his face.  Die Boomer Die. John Roberts is 53, right in the sweet spot of Boomerhood. He blew it, he screwed up the oath. The Fresh President dutifully paused and Roberts corrected himself. Close enough for government work.
  • a private satellite company was snapping away from 423 miles up. Click the link for amazing photos – you can see people! Be sure to click the images to make them bigger.  Plenty of room on the Mall. TeeVee fakers tricked us again.
  • was the official death of television for having exclusives to news video event. By late afternoon, CNN reported 21.3 million live video streams, while MSNBC had 9 million live streams and 5 million on-demand streams. Plus Hulu,  U-Stream, ABC/NBC/CBS/AP/BBC, C-Span, Al Jazeera, Euronews, France 24, the official government stream, and another dozen I don’t know about.
  • Oh look, Oprah!
  • Washington D.C. got too small to be efficient as the place to hold an inauguration. Next time: my place!

A different day. Change? Probably not much, but difference is coming. here.

UPDATE: Just to be sure Rush Limbaugh wouldn’t sue, the Fresh President took a mulligan on the oath of office on Wednesday. Which leads to…

UPDATE B: Only 43 Americans have taken the Presidential oath of office, not 44 as the Fresh President suggested. Grover Cleveland had non consecutive terms, so 44 Presidents, but only 43 people. Now that he has taken it twice, how does this effect the count? I’m so confused.


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Well, Yesterday Was Different. — 4 Comments

  1. I love how you apllied Wordle.com to the inaugural speech. I am reading all presidential speeched that way from now on!