You Got A Back End Master? A “Guy?”

60Everybody needs a “guy.” Sometimes the “guy” will get you a good deal on new video game. A “guy” can be the one that knows just the right place to whomp something to make it run better. Other times the “guy” just happens to know where a really nice shotgun can be had for a song. The “guy” is hardly ever – I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say never, a “girl.”

I got a WordPress guy.

Queen of Shake Shake is migrating her massive blog over to WordPress from Little Sammy’s Blog-a-rama Hosting Service and Cialis Shoppe. She has run into a bit of a problem during the migration. Here, I’ll let her explain it.

I immediately knew I had made a grave, grave error with the Back End Master. It was his look of constipation and strangulation that gave it away. He rolled his eyes and huffed so hard that it ruffled the low cut neckline of my cleavage-showing shirt.

I had to backpedal and quickly. I felt the breeze of his exasperated breath on my chest and knew what I had to do.

“Wait! Look at my titties!” I yelled, and leaned forward across the table.

Queen of Shake Shake’s Back End Master is her hubby. My Back End Master is a Submariner. See the connection?  Dive, Dive, Dive, Up Periscope, Blow the Ballast and all  that… Every blogger needs a Back End Master.

What do we know from tech? It’s like asking Reeg to produce his  own TeeVee show. His Back End Master is Gelman. If there was a better term for Gelman, I haven’t heard it.

Bloggers blog. A few bloggers blog and tinker in the back end. Some tinker in the back end and blog.

I have a guy. If you need a WordPress guy, you can contact my guy. Just like most “guys” you have to catch him on a good day. He’s one of those that blogs and tinkers in the back end, but only when he isn’t scamming the V.A. out of Vicodin.

BTW: RSS readers, please click through and see what my “guy” did to the site today. He made it look the same in Firefox as it does in Internet Explorer. Yay.  The page should load faster too because there was a massive background that had to load before. Now it’s just a bunch of little files that tile.

And did you hear about the ginormous blogging host that crashed and lost everything?

Get a “guy.” What you spend will save you in the long run.

But make sure your “guy”  isn’t easily distracted when you lean across the table.


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