How In The Hell Did I Get Listed On now accepts men, or do they except men? or expect men? I think it’s all of those. is a giant network of women bloggers. Do I need to paint a picture here people? Estrogen overload.

I tripped over again when Citizen of the Month wrote about how he wanted to be a presenter at the Big Blog Her Martini Swilling, Man Bashing, Does-this-make-me-look-fat, Chi-Town Confab. He said some women were bothered that a man might be on the program. But then he took the post down. Typical man. Just can’t make up his mind.

I feel very uncomfortable with so much self-promotion about this BlogHer room. First of all, 3/4 of you are not even going to this conference.  Why am I blabbing about it to you?   It either bores you or make you feel left out, particularly if you are a woman who would like to go, but can’t afford it.

I was confused as to what the original post meant, but I think he was trying to deal with the fact that women were in charge and would be making the decision whether or not he would be allowed to present.

I went just to see what was up. They now accept men on their blog directory, provided I meet their guidelines, one of which is:

A man whose blogging is of particular quality and relevance to the women who participate in and read BlogHer, as determined by an editor…

Hee. I applied anyway.  Joy said they accepted me.

Denise is in charge of the Editorial staff and she and the editors still turn some [men] down for various reasons after they review them.  So there Mister!

Men now have a part in They didn’t used to have a part. Now they do. Except it’s like when Rotary didn’t accept women, so they had Rotary Wives, and the Lion’s Club didn’t accept women, so they had Lionettes.  Jaycees/Jayceettes.

But I think men are still in a probationary period. Still kind of like an auxiliary. Until we are fully represented and have taken our rightful place on top and have ousted the women founders and replaced them with their husbands or boyfriends, BlogHer men might be known as:

  • BlogHer Himmers
  • BlogHer Ballers
  • BlogHer Boys
  • Barons of BlogHer
  • BlogHer Tokens
  • BlogHer Brothers

So why did I want to be listed on Because they turned me down once earlier…

I started reading The Joy of Six early on, and Joy and I hit it off and enjoyed each others blogs. One day, she emailed or commented from The name attached was a two name last name. Des Rigatonia, Van Klonpike, you know what I mean.


She explained that she worked for BlogHer. Ok, cool, I checked it out and found a seemingly,  teemingly, gleamingly, network of women bloggers.  I hung out there for a while and subscribed to a few blogs. Since I was new, I thought it would be cool to be on their blogroll.

I emailed Joy and asked to be added.

Joy emailed back something like “NO TESTOSTERONE ALLOWED.”

Actually it wasn’t anything like that. Joy doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Apparently I wasn’t the first man who asked to be on their blogroll, but I was among the first. The founders hadn’t decided if they were going to allow men to participate in BlogHer.

Joy emailed back that the founders decided having men as part of didn’t fit in their vision.

To create opportunities for women who blog to pursue exposure, education, community, and economic empowerment.

I pouted for a while, kept reading Joy’s blog until whammo, I read her “about me” and find out her daughter Jory is one of the founders of BlogHer. OMG, how cool is that?

I had stopped visiting Women bloggers are too EXTREME. Okay, not all women bloggers are EXTREME all the time, but most of them get EXTREME often. I won’t link to any examples because they don’t link back.  Especially to men. PFBBBT.
But now I are one.

I will have to start working on EXTREME.

It pays to be nice  an old lady who has a powerful daughter.

UPDATE: Yikes,  Citizen of the Month deleted the above references post too. Pretty clever way to build traffic. Post, let RSS send it to subscribers, delete. He did that with his last three posts. Dude, it’s only a blog! Write it and leave it.

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