If Desi Arnaz Made a Car Seat, This Would Be It.

That’s some seat you got there Lucy.

Woot.com is one of my favorite shopping sites. Simple minds require simple times. Woot offers one item, one day (or until sold out) at one price. Shipping is always $5. Always. Sometimes Woot will offer a Bag of Crap which is the old “grab-bag” concept. A buck plus $5 shipping – always buy three.
Woot also has a bunch of nuts who write up their item descriptions.
Earlier this week a Woot item for sale  was a Recaro Car Seat.

If I were writing up the description,  I would have gone the whole offensive Ricky Recaro schtick.


The Woot writer decided to give buyers five good reasons why they should purchase a recalled car seat.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Woot not only deals in new merchandise, but refurbished, recalled, discontinued, out-of-date, lame and ugly merchandise.

Here’s reason #5 why it’s OK to buy a recalled car seat.

5. It makes you seem like a total bad-ass. Next time some chump wants to front, just drop this on him: “I make my kid ride in a recalled car seat.” That’s some serious Keyser Soze stuff right there. And the fool never has to know the truth.

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