Raise Your Hands if You Drive

As we were barreling through the streets of Smallburg, I was more aware than ever that where I place my hand when I drive blocks me seeing the speed-o-meter. (Note: photo not exact because I couldn’t hold camera in my mouth and when I put it front of my eyes… well you know…)  I have my right hand at 10 o’clock. The left dial on the Hemispherical blockhead Dodge Magnum RT is the speed-o-meter. Therefore I don’t have any idea how fast I am going.
The dial next to the speed-o-meter is the tach-o-meter. That is blocked by many important notes or coupons that I need to remember or use. Sticky notes don’t do well when the dash is covered with dust and dog hair.
I only bring this up because I feel a speeding ticket coming on. The coppers are out in force on streets that I use regularly. It’s just a matter of time and I was trying to come up with a good story for the coppers.

Having my hand over the speed-o-meter probably wouldn’t work, but I wondered, where do you put your hands when you drive and are relaxed? Me? right hand at 10 o’clock, left hand on my “Redneck Car Horn” (sound samples included at link) which is the most used gift I have gotten in a long time.

Let me know where your hands are when you are behind the wheel.

  • 10 and 2
  • 9 and 3
  • 12 and 6
  • in my lap
  • in her lap
  • one hand (finger up my nose) the other at 4:30
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