The Fresh President is Living Down To Expectations

Hope is one thing, expectations are another. Many Baby Boomers had a lot of hope that The Fresh President  would really truly try to bring change to government in D.C.

I had my doubts. It started when he broke a big promise that he made early in his campaign. The promise was that he would run a campaign using public funds. Oh he used public funds alright, as soon as Obama tapped the web-funding, the federal funded campaign promise was toast. He went direct to the public and tapped their wallets.

The Fresh President made some early errors, appointing cronies and insiders to high cabinet posts. But Obama was new and the pressure was on, he didn’t have the time that other presidents had to properly vet some of his appointees.

Yeah, right.

It takes him four tries to get a Commerce Secretary because of financial problems and internal wrangling.

Business as usual. You can’t live in the same neighborhood as Rolland Burris and Rod Blagoevich and five other  governors who have been charged with crimes while in office and not learn the ropes.

Now he has rolled out his stimulus package for “middle Americans.”

So far I have seen one thing that will impact this middle American. I might get $50 more a month in my paycheck. Woo-hoo, as soon as gas gets back to $4 a gallon, that disappears quickly.

Like most Baby Boomers, I’m up-to-date on my mortgage, I’m not underwater on the value of my house, I don’t have student loans, I don’t have car payments, I won’t be buying a house.

$50 a month.

It’s Over. Time to Ben Dover.

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The Fresh President is Living Down To Expectations — 2 Comments

  1. From the “Thought You’d Like To Know” Department:

    “Hopes are riding high on Barack right now, with many people counting on the Illinois resident to produce amazing results. In fact, so much is riding on Barack that his semen is selling for $2,500 a share.”

    Bunk Strutts…also wrote this…Saturday Matinee: Jerrie Thill, Ray McKinley, Gene Vincent & Clifford Stoll.