Today I Made a Word

Remember when you were toilet training your kids and they were so proud when they did #2? At our house it was “making a bone.”  If it was a particularly difficult movement (Brahms Concerto;  B flat #8 Opus Moderadi) it was called “making a bad bone.”

It is with distinct pleasure that I announce: Today I made a word.  With any luck, it will catch on and forever cement my place in the history of words. If you Google Latitudoodle, Google fails. It doesn’t even offer up a suggestion.

I have met the Google and it is mine.


Google has released Latitude for Google Maps. If you have a GPS phone, you can activate it and find out  if your parole officer is in the area, or your priest, or both, or they may be the same person. Father Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Latitudoodle:  lat-ti-tu-tood-ul; v. the act of enabling your phone so you can be spotted. eg: “Latitudoodle me and we’ll do jello shots at Buster’s.”

/ing/ locating people in your contact list.  eg: “Don’t bother me, I’m latitudoodling Cindy Lauper.”

/d/ the effect of being spotted by your hair stylist at Cost Cutters. eg: “Man, I just needed a trim and Mr. Sidney latitudoodled me.”

It has been a good day.

Latitudoodle me.

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